And the apples keep coming! August 19th

As this season progresses, the apples are ripening very quickly.  The combination of a hot sun and some nice cool rain is working wonders in the orchard. Chris has been working hard at keeping the grass mowed throughout the orchard so it is really wonderful just to wander around and taste the varieties that are now ready. So, an update!

Vista Bella- very ripe, great for apple sauce, tender and sweet-last chance for these apples

Yellow Transparents-the ‘white apple’ , again almost finishing-ripe and sweet-good for cooking in general and good to eat if you like a soft, sweet apple

Dolgo crab- good for apple jelly-we will soon be doing a strip pick for Eden Cider so if you want some, come now

Melba-good for cooking and eating-just beginning-still quite tart and crunchy-a good eating and cooking apple

Duchess- the quintessential cooking apple-the best for sure

Jersey mac- good eating apples-with a little of a mac flavour- also makes good apple sauce

Sunrise-just starting- crunchy and sweet/sour-depending on how ripe they are. These last longer than the other summer apples

Paula Red- again just starting- the first of the fall apples- very crunchy and very tart. These will last a long time and are great eating apples

As you can see, we are really in full swing. People at the markets are always surprised to hear that we have many apples available so we just want to emphasize that our season begins around the beginning of August  and there is nothing like the first apples of summer!  We also have lots of cukes and zukes for sale. Don’t forget the jams, jellies, honey, maple syrup and, at this point, frozen apple cider.  Pottery of all sizes, shapes, glazes and colours is also available. Come on by and browse-great for wedding gifts, birthdays, or just something nice for yourself.  We are open from 9-5 every day-you can pick the apples yourself or buy them already picked at the kiosk. We hope to see you!  Lynn and Chris

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