And the Apples Keep Coming!

La traduction francaise va etre poster demain.

The apples are really quite wonderful this year. They are early, as opposed to the veggies which are late. We are already harvesting the late summer apples and beginning on the early winter ones. They are looking great. There is some scab, partially the result of the very wet spring, and partially because we are an eco-orchard so we are always working at minimizing our interventions.

We are also excited to be working with Eden Cider again. They did a test run of the ‘Border Buster’ cider-made from our juice and it sold out in a couple of weeks!  We are busily picking all kinds of apples for the next run!  Eleanor  gave us some to sample. It was amazing!

Now,  apples on the menu this week.

Sunrise-really at their peak- crunchy, sweet and tart at the same time. Delicious.

Duchess-the best cooking apple of all time. We have a great crop of them this year. Make all your pies and crisps with them. All the grannies and grandpas do!

Melba- great for both cooking and eating. Softer and sweeter than the Sunrise.

Jersey Mac- not a big crop of them this year so get them now while they are still available. Somewhat like an early Mac.

Paula Red- the first of the winter apples. Hard and tart!  Will last a long time.

Summer Granny- a large green apple. Hard and tart. Easy to pick.

Crab apples- the Dolgo crabs are amazing for jelly. There are a lot and they are easy to pick. We are hoping to get some to the Eden people for a special crab cider so come and get them while you can.

The veggies are also coming in. Stop by for a real deal on fresh picked veggies!

Also come and see the new line of pottery.  I have been experimenting with firing with wood and gas and using some traditional Japanese glazes like the Shino and the Temuku featured below.

For more excitement,  Chris has a show coming up at the Piggery Theatre. See details below.

Hope to see you!  Lynn and Chris.

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