Apples/Garlic and Squash Galore! Sept 9th-16th

Hard to believe that it has been yet another week of intense heat. Luckily, we have also had some rain which the apples,squash and pumpkins are soaking up gratefully!

New this week!

Macintosh- yes, the Macs are now coming in. They are just beginning but they are crunchy, tart and delicious.blog shots 2016-09 030

Kerr Crab Apples- are now ready. We are picking a lot of these for a special hard cidre being made by the Eden Cidre people, so if you want them for your jelly, or baked crabs, come soon.


Paula Red- the Paula Red are on their way out. You can still find some if you really look and they are wonderful, but these are the last of these apples for this year.

Lobo- are at their best. They are now sweet, crunchy and great for eating or cooking.

Joyce- just for cooking- but the Joyce make excellent pie and crisps. They keep their shape and are tart so give that real apple flavour. Also at the end of these, so come soon.

Summer Granny-these are the green apples that are somewhat like a Granny Smith. Good for cooking and eating.

Other Goodies.

We have just harvested our garden full of garlic. It is Music garlic which is really special-very garlicy, but not harsh. You really have to try it! blog shots 2016-09 023We also dug all our potatoes and they, also, are exceptional this year. We store them and usually eat our last potato around March. The squash and pie pumpkins are in at the kiosk in bushels! Wonderful this year as the heat seemed to really help them along.  As always, pick your own veggies.

New Pottery at the kiosk as well as new jams, jellies, pickles(including the famous ‘best bread and butter pickles ever’) Come and check it out!pottery-and-squash

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