This week at the orchard

It’s only Tuesday night and there is lots of activity here. The apples are roaring to maturity on an express train. There are still some pockets of early apples that are hanging on dead ripe and full of flavour: Jeresey Mac and Melba to mention a couple. There are still plenty  o Duchess for the best pies and crumbles, but the Joyce apple will take its place for the cooking favourite soon-There is an abundant supply of Joyce, noted for keeping its shape in a pie like the Duchess and Cortland.

Current eating apples are Sunrise and Paula Red, with Lobo around the corner. Less well known but ripe now are the Goodland (juicy, firm but not overly so, and sweet) and the Summer Granny (tart to sweet depending on the colour-green to pale green/yellow). Too many apples to pick all at once. We could use a few extra hands.

Happy to announce that the first squash are ready ( acorn ) and can be U-picked by request. We have attempted to dismay the deer from eating our emerging pumpkin crop by lining the perimeter with deer netting. Further reports from the battlefront to come!

For the first time in years we will have some fresh corn daily at the stand, that is, if the raccoons don’t visit before you do.

We have begun to distribute, by Canada Post our postcard/coupon for a 10% discount on all u-pick apples. We have saved a few hundred at the farm store for those outside the targeted mailing-99.99999….% of the world. Pick one up at the apple stand and it will be good for the rest of the season.

After a close call for a family pet, we would like to remind all visitors that all dogs MUST be on leash at all times at the orchard. Please consider your fellow visitors to the orchard.

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