Cider, Salmon and lots more apples to pick.

Lots of people turned out over the weekend and we finally feel like it’s apple time again,190916-003

The Eden Ice Cider truck pulled up this afternoon and is parked outside the cider shed ready to take a few batches away: Juice from Dolgo  crabs and Kerr crabs go in separate containers and the summer blend goes in the big tote. any overflow goes to the 4th tank.

Roughly 150 bushels to be pressed! Here comes load 2 of 3.100916-005

A special salmon order is in progress as well. Lynn’s brother John Heath and his wife Ann run the Yellow Island Aquaculture farm near Campbell River B.C. We are bringing in fresh fillets of Chinook Salmon. You can order at the farm or ask Chris for more information. Yellow Islands organic practices can be found here:


Last date to order, Sept 23rd. Shipment arrives Friday Sept. 30th. Pickup must be made at Heath Orchard.

Apple picking update:

Lobo-lots and very ripe

MacIntosh-lots and coming into full ripeness

Cortland-Tons! People are beginning to pick. Not quite ripe but it doesn’t matter.190916-010

Joyce-still some left to pick, more at the stand.

Gala-they are small but plentiful-great lunchbox apple for the kids.

Wolf River-this heritage apple is now ripe and ready for baking, drying or cider making. Eating as a desert apple not so much.190916-006

Wealthy-an off year for this variety, still some to sample.

Fresh cider on hand. lots of pottery.

open daily 9-5,

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