A Busy Week!

It has been a busy week at the orchard, with house guests, lots of people coming to pick apples and tons of work to be done. This will be just a quick update!

Apples this week!

Paula Red-in their prime, a great eating apple- tart and crunchy

Sunrise- getting to the end- great for eating as well, crunchy and sweet

Melba- wonderful for both cooking and eating- we don’t have a lot, come now

Jersey Macs- great eating apple, right now crunchy and tart/sweet- has a little bit of that Mac flavour

Joyce- an excellent cooking apple, somewhat like the Duchess- very plentiful

Crab Apples- great for crab apple jelly

This weekend, on Sunday, we are part of the friends of Stanstead East discovery tour. Come and visit- get a brochure of other sites of interest in the county!

Next weekend, on Saturday, the Ayers Cliff Farmer’s Market will be happening here at the orchard. As our usual spot will be taken by the fair, everyone is invited here to see their favourite vendors and hang around at the orchard.

More news and pictures coming up! Looking forward to seeing you! Lynn and Chris



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