Juice and Apples-Sept. 15, 2015- English version

Well, we made many gallons of summer cider this week for the Eden Ice Cider people. It was satisfying to see so many of our poor, deformed apples turned into something useful and, eventually, delicious. Took a little of the sting out of the orchard of ugly apples.IMG_20150716_125830

Also, again, we have the support of so many of our loyal customers, people who have been coming to the orchard for years, sometimes for generations within a family. One family, the Heinrichs, went way above and beyond this week by coming to help us pick the apples for the cider- we can’t hire anyone as we simply don’t have the money, so Chris is trying to pick all by himself. The Heinrichs turned out, en masse, and really helped out!

This week at the orchard!

Remember we are open Sat. and Sun. until Thanksgiving or by appointment- call 819-876-2817

The summer apples are really pretty much finished although, if you love Paula Red, you can probably find some really decent ones if you are willing to hunt.

Macintosh- they are just starting-lots of them- good for eating and cooking

Lobos- right in middle of their season- they are a big apple so great for cooking-less peeling- as well as a delicious eating apple

Kerr Crabs- many of these went into the cider so, if you are planning to make jelly, come now!

Squash are really coming in now. IMG_20150829_115135Still lots of vegetables as well as fresh and dried Shitake mushrooms.

Don’t forget the pottery! apple bowlGreat presents-think the holiday season- I know it is early but the pottery goes on the road after Thanksgiving- so this is a good time.

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