Winter Apples are coming! Sept. 7th, 2019

Well, it should come as no surprise after the colder weather we have had this week that the winter apples are starting to come in. Quite a week of wind, rain and…a couple of days of wonderful sun and fall apple picking weather. We were delighted to see everyone who came on the beautiful days and were impressed with those who slogged through the rain/wind/cold to make it to the orchard! It does seem, sometimes, that the only thing we ever talk about is the weather so on to apples.
Lobo- the first of the winter apples are now ready-tart, crunchy and delicious. As they ripen they make a wonderful red apple sauce. They are just starting at this point.
Honeycrisp-really just beginning- our trees were laden, apples falling and branches breaking so we did a quick select pick and the apples are at the stand. They are very crunchy, tart and delicious- they do not have that heavy sweetness that these apples will have later in the fall. At this point, we are selling them at the regular price, but for now only. These are a difficult apple to grow and bring to harvest and the price later in the year will be almost double what the other apples are.
Paula Red- at their peak, crunchy, tart/sweet, good for apple sauce and easy to pick
Sunrise- almost ending- we don’t have a lot of these left so if you like your apple sweet and juicy come and get these now.
Joyce- a wonderful cooking apple- keeps its shape but also melts a little in pies and crisps
Summer Granny- a large green apple that is sweeter than Granny Smith, crunchy and a lovely apple
Dolgo crabs- get these now for your cooking needs- we are sending a lot down to Eden Cider where they make the most incredible cider with them
The Duchess, Yellow Transparents and Melbas are still around and are good for cooking and eating.

Happy to announce that we have picked a pile of squash and a few pie pumpkins. The squash are amazing this year-very big and delicious. We still have the frozen apple juice from last year- very sweet and amazing. We will start making fresh soon but the summer apples make a very thin tart juice so we have holding off. The new honey is in as well as Music garlic-come and get yours! As always, pottery, CDs, jams and jellies and fresh and dried Shiitake mushrooms. Don’t forget that our bakery has started up. We have apples, muffins and carrot cake made with our products and baked by Ayers Cliff Fair award winner baker, Carole Davidson. We also now have the Coaticook cheese. Hope you got your discount card for all U-pick apples in the mail. If not, ask for one at the kiosk. Hope to see you soon. Lynn and Chris

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