Orchard Beauty-Sept 29th-Oct. 6th

Francais en dessous.

It is so beautiful at the orchard right now. The leaves are just starting to turn, so there is a red and orange glow to everything. The fall apples are all ripe and delicious. Have a look at the descriptions of the varieties-they are all in.

Lobo-just finishing, crunchy, sweet and wonderful for apple sauce

Cortland- very crunchy, with a sweet/sour bite to them, juicy-very good for all kinds of cooking. A  versatile apple

Macintosh- the classic apple-a distinctive mac flavor-good for eating and cooking

Spartan- very hard and quite tart-a smaller apple-great for kids-these apples last a long time and dry very well

Empire- again a smaller apple which is just starting. A wonderful winter apple-great taste and crunch. The empire also last a long time

Lawfam-just starting-this apple is a cross between the St. Lawrence and the Fameuse apples-a family favourite. A distinctive flavor-if you haven’t tried one- you should make a point of it.

Honeycrisp!- we now have honeycrisp at the kiosk-a very popular apple that is hard, juicy and very sweet.  They are a premium apple and, unfortunately due to lack of supply, there is no upick for this apple.

We have also done the first major harvest of the squash and pumpkins and our pottery room is awash with big pumpkins, pie pumpkins, butternut and buttercup squash, as well as the acorns, sweet dumplings and a beautiful selection of gourds.

Remember to check out the jams, jellies, pickles, sauces, honey and maple syrup! And the pottery is flying out the door. Great for wedding presents, as well as for any old occasion.

Bring your discount card and get 10% off all the apples you pick yourself.  If you didn’t get a card in the mail, ask for one when you get here!  Hope to see you soon.

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