Apple Picking Time

Even though the weather seems to want to stay in summer hot mode, it really is apple picking time.  We are now into the fall apples with a few remaining summer apples in the stand. The orchard is looking beautiful and it is a wonderful time to come and visit.


Lobo-The lobos are ripe and delicious- they are a juicy tart apple that is great to eat and also makes wonderful apple sauce

Macintosh and Cortland- truthfully….. they are not really ready yet but people are picking them, so if you like them hard and tart-you can come now.

Paula Red- still some on the trees. Very ripe-sweet and juicy. Good for eating and cooking.

Joyce- These are the best cooking apples- almost over.

Wolf River- These are very large cooking apples. Great apples as often you can make a full apple pie with just one apple!

Sunrise- still in the stand- crispy and sweet- no longer on the trees.

We have our jams, jellies, pickles and sauces now fully stocked. Maple syrup, maple butter and maple candies are available.  All the wonderful kinds of honey from Lune de Miel are now on the shelves-the regular-clover, wildflower, buckwheat- as well as the specialty ones-apricot, blueberry, raspberry…on and on, come and see for yourself. A new batch of pottery, fresh from the kiln, great for presents or just for you-pitchers, big bowls, tiny weeny bowls, mugs- in all glazes!

We still have delicious tomatoes and potatoes from the garden and Chris is just starting to harvest the fall squash. Music garlic is now available!

It is a great time to come visit! Hope to see you! Lynn and Chris


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