Apples in Late October! Oct.21, 2016

Yes, indeed, we still have apples, all varieties. Some lovely apples still on the trees, and many in the kiosk. Don’t be fooled by the nasty weather this weekend, come on and get your apples! Max wasn’t put off. Max, our nephew, is our new orchard mascot. He loves wandering the orchard, picking apples, checking out the gourds and relaxing in the squash and pumpkins.img_0251This is a real orchard, he says!!img_0216img_0241

Thanksgiving was wonderful, but is is not the end! We will have apples through October, November and, maybe, into December.

And don’t forget the squash, delicious this year, pumpkins, pie and scary, honey, jams, apple cider, and, of course, pottery. The pottery will be making its annual trip back to Toronto for the Toronto shows in a couple of weeks. Buy that pot soon!

Hope to see you. Lynn and Chris.

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