Ugly Apples and a Beautiful Wedding- August 17th, 2015-English version

The orchard looked beautiful this weekend as our eldest son, Jordan, married his love, Rosemary. For a time, the ravages of the three hailstorms were invisible as many people came to celebrate their love and dance the night away!IMG_1018But the apples are still ugly. However, we are going to be open every weekend from August 22 until the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. We will be open from 9-5, Saturday and Sunday. There will be some apples- second quality and deer apples and, while some will be available at the stand, you might want to pick your own. A treasure hunt- many apples are badly disfigured, but they still taste great and could be used for cooking.

ALL APPLES WILL BE AT A REDUCED PRICE- 1/2 off everything you pick yourself

There will also be lovely vegetables, beets, carrots, beans, onions, and potatoes. Also wonderful shiitaki  mushrooms, fresh and dried, from the Heath-Smit Ways-Mills mushroom farm.  Squash is coming soon! As always, decorative and functional pottery available at all times!

Do drop in and see us on the weekend. If you want to come by during the week, call us at 819-876-2817 to make sure we are here.

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