Welcome to Heath Orchard!

Welcome to Heath Orchard! A beautiful orchard to visit for a day of apple picking in the Eastern Townships

Current Status: Autumn, winter

Current Hours: Closed for the season

Apples : N/A

Tucked between Stanstead and Ayer’s Cliff in the Eastern Townships, Heath Orchard is a two-century-old, family-owned heritage farm and apple orchard that provides an ideal apple picking experience. Spend hours wandering through thousands of full-grown standard apple trees and dwarf trees in dozens of classic and hard-to-find varieties—including MacIntosh, Cortland, Honeycrisp, Shamrock, Empire, Sunrise, Golden Russett, Kerr Crabapples, Wolf River, Lobo, Wealthy and Bancroft and more —all surrounded by sunsets atop rolling hills. After a leisurely day of picking apples, visit the kiosk to peruse handmade pottery, fresh veggies from the garden, jams and jellies, maple syrup, honey. We produce the most popular varieties of squash and U-pick pumpkins.  When available, be sure to purchase local Shiitaki mushrooms, produced by the Heath/Smit family in Ways Mills, and the famous Heathen Hot Sauce (if you dare!). Call ahead to meet  the orchard owners, potter Lynn Heath, and renowned Canadian folk singer, Chris Rawlings. Perfect for a wonderful Eastern Townships experience.