The Apples are hanging in

Good Morning to you all. After the first frost below -3 C, roughly 25 F, we are pleased to say we still have late harvest apples on the trees, available for U-Pick, as well as windfall. Spartan, Empire, Cortland stay on the trees longer than Mac and Lobo. This is a special window to pick deeply delicious apples, but it won’t last for long. Much colder temps and snow on the way. However, we will still be open at the farm stand, whether permitting, through the week and weekends (fri/sat 10-4) through till before Christmas. We have a good store of apples in the refrigerated kiosk.
We will be taking some of the pottery to early Christmas markets, but this year, for the first time we will leave a supply of Lynn’s aesthetic and functional pottery at the stand for your Christmas and seasonal gifts. Last days for that approximately Nov. 23.
SQUASH: .99/LB-2.20 KG20191030_133113IMG_1196

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