Are there still apples? Yes!!!

We are being asked a lot lately if we are still open and if we still have apples for pick your own or to buy at the kiosk. Yes, yes, yes! There are lots of great apples, both out in the orchard waiting to be picked and at the kiosk. We always have apples at this time of the year as our orchard is quite large and there are a lot of apples. This year, the apples are especially abundant as it was a cold spring, and then a cold fall-so the apples are really at their peak right now. We have been lucky not to have a severe frost or snow, so the apples taste wonderful and will keep for a very long time. All that to say, come on out to the orchard and get your winter apples.IMG_1154
All the big varieties are still available. Macintosh, Cortland, Spartan, Empire, Lobo. You can get Honeycrisp and Golden Russet at the kiosk.
The squash and pumpkins are also abundant at the kiosk. The squash is wonderful this year, the hot dry days with the necessary rain at night really worked for all the varieties of squash.IMG_1196
At the kiosk, you still have your choice of all kinds and colours of pottery. I know it is early but you could start to think of holiday gifts. The pottery goes on road in mid-November for the Toronto shows, so get what you want as soon as possible.
Also at the kiosk, dried shiitake mushrooms, honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies, hot sauce, preserves, freshly made apple juice. Don’t forget Chris’ amazing new CD!
We are still open 7 days a week, 9-5, and will be for another couple of weeks. Later in November, it will be on weekends, and by appointment. We will post the exact schedule when we are clear. Hope to see you. Lynn and Chris
PS-a beautiful rainbow visited us last week!

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