Thanksgiving week at the orchard!

This will be short and sweet as so much is going on we are racing! It is a wonderful time to be here at the orchard. The colours are amazing-there is absolutely nothing like the Eastern Townships when it is in full fall regalia! Just the drive to the orchard is worth it! Then when you get here, the apples are ripe, red, and delicious. All the varieties are now ready-some tart, some sweet, all crunchy and juicy. People are having a great time wandering through our hundred year old apple trees and trying all the various kinds until they hit upon the one that is perfect for them. The smaller, newer trees, called dwarf trees, are laden with apples and are easy picking for kids and adults alike. And the squash and pumpkins this year are really wonderful- after a few years of struggling with the weather it is so nice to have a really solid crop of pie and Halloween pumpkins and all kinds of squash. It seems every day we hear a new recipe from a customer for squash.

Come and see the orchard at its best. Pick your own, bring your postcard and get a 10% discount on all you pick. Enjoy the kiosk which is packed with all sorts of goodies. Enjoy our home made bakery-apple pies, pumpkin pies and sugar pies-perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. Hope to see you soon! Lynn and Chris

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