Come on down for the peak of the season! Oct. 3rd-Oct. 10th

It is now the official peak of the season.  All the apples are ready and available to pick your own or buy them at the kiosk. The squash and pumpkins are in, en masse! You can also pick your own pumpkins any time you want a beautiful scenic walk up the hill. We even provide wheelbarrows! All the jams, jellies, hot sauce, maple syrup, maple butter, maple candies, savoury delights like garlic dills, bread and butter pickles, chili sauce, and much more are available at the kiosk. The music garlic is delicious this year-once you try it you won’t want to use anything else!

Just a quick summery of the apples:

Cortland-big, beautiful and delicious- make amazing pies and crisps

Macintosh- ripe and sweet, crunchy too

Empire- just in now- a small apple which is tart and crunchy- will last a very long time

Spartan- a bit bigger than the Empire but equally wonderful and also a long laster

Lobo- these apples are now a little harder to find. They are very sweet and crunchy- make a great red apple sauce- they won’t last as long as the others as they started earlier

Honeycrisp- only available at the kiosk. A very popular apples-with every living thing-people, deer, bugs, birds- not easy to grow. They are more expensive than the other apples, They will last a long time

Other varieties are available at the kiosk.

This week we have a special on the squash. We spent a number of days harvesting them and we have lots! Only 99 cents a pound! Get them now. They will last almost through the winter. Also remember to bring your postcard and get your 10% discount on all apples you pick yourself!  Carole, our award winning baker, is adding pumpkin pies, from our own pumpkins to her usual apple pies, muffins and cakes this week. Get one early-they go quickly. We are now making the fresh apple juice and it is delicious.  Lynn has just finished a wood firing with local potter extraordinaire, Rejean Cotes, and some of the pots are now on sale at the kiosk. One of a kind, very different and beautiful.

We are also trying, with the help of our children, to improve our social media presence, so if you have a great time at the orchard, please post a review on google, trip advisor, instagram, yelp……If you don’t have a great time, please let us know and we will try to make it better!

The weather is supposed to improve, so come visit and pick some apples. Hoping to see you. Lynn and Chris


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