All Varieties Ready! Sept 27-Oct 4th

We are excited! We did another seed test and all the apples are now ready to be picked. For the later varieties, like Cortland, Spartan and Empire, we are doing a very select pick at this point-only the biggest and reddest! But, if you have been waiting for these fall varieties, now is the time! The squash and pumpkins are also now at their prime. We tried a couple of different squash last night and they were both amazing.
Cortland- just starting-great for eating and cooking
Spartan- a very hard,tart apple right now- will keep for a very long time
Empire- a smaller apple with a delicious distinctive flavour- again will last a long time
Macintosh- these apples have been ready for a while now and are crunch, sweet and delicious. Also good for cooking
Lobo- also at their peak-crunchy and sweet- they make an incredible red apple sauce
Honeycrisp- you cannot pick your own honeycrisp as they are very fragile. The price is higher for these apples as they are very popular- with people, but also with deer, bugs, birds! They are not easy to get to harvest!
Crab apples- we still have Kerr and Dolgo apples at the kiosk-don’t forget to make your crab apple jelly!
Paula Red- these were the first of the fall apples- we have some at the kiosk and they are very sweet and crunchy- they won’t last as long as the true fall apples

Remember if they are calling for rain, you can still get your apples, fresher, sweeter and cheaper at the kiosk than you can at your local store. And you are supporting your local farmers! Also at the kiosk-pottery, Music garlic, honey, maple syrup, cheese, squash and pumpkins, jams and jellies, Chris’ patented hot sauce, bakery!! Come visit us! Lynn and Chris

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