Harvest Time in the Sunshine-Sept 20-27th

What a lovely week of sunny weather! They are forecasting more beautiful weather in the week to come. This is a great time to come out, pick your own apples, or buy them at the kiosk, get some of the newly harvested squash, buy bakery made with our apples, and get some freshly made juice. The leaves are just starting to turn and everything looks beautiful.
Weekly apple update
Honeycrisp- ripe now- large, red, juicy, sweet- these apples are more expensive than the others. They are in serious demand and, also, they are a difficult apple to cultivate. People love them,and so do the deer, the bugs, the birds,not easy!
Macintosh- red, crunchy and delicious
Paula Red- really wonderful right now- as the first of the autumn apples they won’t last as long as the Macs but they are very crunchy and sweet
Lobo- these deep almost purple apples are at their peak right now, crunchy, sweet and juicy-they make a great red apple sauce
Wolf River-a very large cooking apple-great for pies, crisps and apple sauce
Peach apples- great for apple brown betty and sauce- a taste of peach in an apple
Crab Apples- Dolgo and the Kerr- get them now for your crab apple jelly
Melba- still available- a summer apple that is now sweet and delicious and great for cooking
Summer Granny- another summer apple- green/yellow in colour-still firm and sweet

We did a seed test on all the major winter apples today. You can see the Macs have the brownest seeds, then the Empire, then the Gala, then the Spartan and then the Cortland. We wait until the seeds turn brown before starting to pick. 20190920_083051

As mentioned, we went up and did a squash hunt- didn’t take much hunting- there are a lot of squash out there. We had one for supper the other day and they are delicious! Come and get yours.

We are open from 9-5, 7 days a week. We are also happy to stay open and wait for you but you might want to give us a call to be sure we are here! 819-876-2817
Hope to see you soon. Lynn and Chris

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