Sun Rises on the Fall Apples- August 31st

It has been another beautiful week at the orchard. The apples and veggies are loving this weather-warm and sunny, then rain at night- how much better could it be? The weather in May and June, cold, rainy and quite nasty, has taken its toll-some of the apples are a little smaller than usual, but the wonderful weather of the summer is helping them catch up. We spent part of the past week sending out 12,000 postcards advertising the orchard-and offering a 10% discount on all you pick apples- so watch for yours! Bring it to the orchard and enjoy your savings!
Varieties now available.
The Vista Bella, Yellow Transparent and Duchess-the first apples of the season, starting around the first week of August, are almost finished. That being said, many people are still going out and getting lovely apples of each of these varities so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t despair but come sooner rather than later.
Sunrise- a delicious eating apple at its peak right now. Crunchy, sweet and juicy
Paula Red- just starting- tart and hard with that special flavour-also good for cooking
Joyce- the best cooking apple now available- some people love the hard, tart taste but they are best for pies and crisps
Dolgo Crab apples- really perfect right now- come and get yours for your apple jelly and preserves
Summer Granny- a big green apple-just coming in-sort of like a granny smith- but not as tart and hard- progresses into a sweet and tender apple-good for eating and apple sauce

We are excited that the squash are really coming along. We are going to have spaghetti squash, acorn squash and, new this year, sunshine squash for you this week. The traditional buttercup and butternut are not far behind. Potatoes, Music garlic, shiitake mushrooms,zukes and cukes, and tomatoes are now available here. We have also started up our bakery! Apple pies, muffins, cakes and carrot cakes- all made from our apples and carrots- are now available on weekends.
I, Lynn, am also excited that I have a new electric kiln at the orchard, so I am now able to throw, bisque and glaze new pottery here. Remember that Chris has a new amazing CD out-come and take a listen. Exciting times at the orchard- open 7 days a week from 9-5. If you can’t make it before 5, let us know- we are often just around. Hope to see you. Lynn and Chris

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