Apples Galore-August 22-29

As we head into our third week of this year’s apple season, the orchard is looking wonderful and more and more apples are ripening up. Just want to remind you that all our apples are eco-apples. That means that we work with agronomes to do minimal spraying and we use good bugs to kill bad bugs. Also interesting to note that we are a heritage orchard. Many of our standard trees were planted in the 1920’s by the original Heaths! It is amazing to us that these 100 year old trees are still healthy and producing!
Apples available this week:
Vista Bella-very sweet-almost finished
Yellow Transparent-cooking and eating-again almost finished.
Melba-wonderful for cooking and eating-tart and crunchy
Sunrise-a great eating apple-tart/sweet, crunchy and juicy
Jersey Mac-just in, a red Apple, and early sweet Mac-keeps well
Paula Red-again just beginning. Very tart and crispy
Crab apples-excellent for crab apple jelly and other preserves
There are many choices to be had.
As always, come for the pottery, honey, jam, jelly, fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms, Chris’ new CD and much more! We are open 9-5, 7 days a week. Hope to see you! Lynn and Chris

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