Fall is really here!

We know that fall has really arrived when the well known fall apples are ripe and that is happening now. The Macintosh-a perennial favourite, is now ripe and delicious. There is really nothing quite like a Mac right off the tree. We have a lot of Macs this year so come and get yours now! The Cortland are also now ripe and ready to pick, eat and cook. Many people say that the Cortland are the best apples ever as they are not only wonderful eating apples but also make the best apple pies and crisps. Both these apples are true fall apples and will last for a long time in your fridge or some cold place.  Other apples still available are the Wolf River, as we mentioned in the last blog, these are great cooking apples- very large and excellent for all kinds of apple delights. The Lobos are in their prime right now- very ripe, sweet, juicy, great for eating as well as making a delicious apple sauce-which will be slightly red/pink as are the flesh of the apples.

We are bringing in the squash. There are lots of acorn squash- best for making soups, and a good number of the butternut and buttercup. But they are very popular and are going fast. We also have a lot of decorative gourds- this is the time to create your fall masterpieces!

Don’t forget the jams, jellies, honey, sauces, hot sauce, maple syrup….and pottery!! We now have fresh shiitake mushrooms every weekend as well as our homemade bakery-created on site with our own apples. Music garlic is also a major attraction!  Come see us soon. Lynn and Chris

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