Cooler Temperatures mean Fall Apples

To start with here is Lynn’s stunning picture of Lobo apples at dawn. IMG_0515There are lots more!

We now have our first squash in the stand, mostly Acorn, but others on the way soon. There are Paula Reds, Sunrise and Summer Granny as well as the Lobos to pick and eat, and Joyce, Duchess and Melba for cooking apples. There are also some Peach apples left on the tree. St. Lawrence is just around the corner.20180820_090710Here’s how the apples did at the Ayer’s Cliff Fair.


There is a new batch of Lynn’s pottery this weekend, fresh out of the kiln.

Speaking of ovens, we have apple pies, crumbles and muffins at the stand this weekend. Enjoy the cooler weather with a visit to the orchard. Come and pick your apples and don’t forget your discount post card. If you did not receive one in the mail, pick up a card as you leave and use it next time. GOOD ALL SEASON for a 10% discount on u-pick apples prices.

Merci milles fois to the Heinrich family who generously spent several hours of their time stripping a dolgo apple tree of its crab apples. 10 bushels worth! That’s the new benchmark. When Eden Specialty Cider gets these crabs into the mix, gold medal cider is not far behind.IMG_0040Lynn’s Goblets with last years “Border Buster Cider” from Eden.20170831_203613_resized

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