Opening Day-2018!

Today was our opening day for this year-we are really sorry that we didn’t update this blog before now! Sometimes the rush and business of preparing for a new season just takes over! However, we hope to update regularly from here on!

The first summer apples are in.

Vista Bella-a delicious red eating apple-also great for apple sauce-sweet and sour-depending on ripeness

Duchess- a heritage variety of cooking apples- the best apples ever for pies, crisps…. These are the apples the grannies and grampas insist on! You wouldn’t want to just eat one though!

Yellow Transparents- good for cooking and eating- again, a very old apple that has been around forever.  Like all summer apples, the firmness and sweetness is variable.

We also have lots of cucumbers and zuchinis-at discount prices.

At the kiosk, as always, you will find honey, jam, maple syrup, apple cider, cds

and lots of beautiful pottery. Come and visit us. We are now open for the season-7 days a week from 9-5.

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