Thanksgiving-Canadian Style

It has been a very busy week-hopefully leading into an even busier Thanksgiving weekend, for those of us on this side of the border. We have been madly harvesting apples, some squash and root vegetables and amazing tomatoes. We also have music garlic, an amazing garlic with an intense garlic flavour and a certain sweetness. All of the apples are now ripe and ready to go.

Many of these we have mentioned before. The Empire and Spartan-both crispy, sweet, long lasting apples- but with unique flavours. The Cortlands, amazing cooking apples and also great to eat. The long time favourite, the Macintosh, slightly softer, sweeter, loved by many!

The new varieties:

Golden russett- a very strange apple-slightly rusty skin, very special flavour. We don’t have a lot so you must order them in advance- just give us a call. Chris just harvested these today and they are his favourite apple!

Lawfam-my family, the Frank Heaths, loved this apple. It is a small, very deep purple coloured apple with a strong and delicious flavour.  A heritage apple, it descends from the St. Lawrence and the Fameuse. Very special!

We also have, to celebrate Thanksgiving, pumpkin pies(made from our pumpkins), and pecan pies( with our maple syrup and honey) and, of course, our much loved apple pies(this week made from the Cortlands) and carrot cake(made with our carrots)!

Remember the pottery is going on tour toward the end of October so come check it out now.  Hope to see you! Lynn and Chris

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