Fall, at last!

Summer was wonderful, all the way up to Sept. 27th! However, it is equally wonderful to finally have a real fall day. An apple picking day, a squash eating day, a fresh apple juice drinking day. Now is the time to really start thinking about apples and getting your winter stock of delicious, non-waxed, home grown apples. Eat them fresh, or cook, preserve, or dry them, they are all scrumptious. And so good for you. Research has shown that the old adage, ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, actually has truth in it.

Apples available now:

Macintosh- a Canadian favourite, crunchy, sweet/tart.

Cortland- an excellent eating and cooking apple, very juicy, crunchy and tart/sweet

Empire- just starting, hard and quite tart. The best lasting apples- we still are eating them into the new year.

Spartan- also just ready. A little sweeter than the Empire- also a good laster!

Honey Crisp- we have some of these wonderful apples at the stand. They are really popular and the price is higher than the other apples

Shamrock-a crunchy, green apple with an interesting sweet flavour.

Gala- available at the stand and in the orchard- much nicer fresh than in the stores.

Wolf River- an enormous, cooking apple- the best, up there with the Duchess.

Don’t forget our wonderful home cooked baked goods, apple pie, carrot cake and brownies! Really delicious. We were sorry not to have juice last week due to machinery failure but we are back up and running. We are now going to have our fresh mushrooms throughout the week. These log grown Shiitaki are great for cooking or eating fresh in salads. We harvested some squash and gourds this week. There are not a lot of gourds, which are so great for decoration as we get to Thanksgiving, so come and get yours while supplies last.  We also harvested a lot of field grown tomatoes- often not pretty but the taste is nothing like the ones you buy in the store. As we have so many, they are on special at $1.00 a pound, $2.20 a kilo. Don’t forget that you can get your unique Music garlic here at the orchard.   As always, beautiful pottery, great for gifts or just a special treat for yourself. The pottery goes on the road at  the end of October so think ahead to holiday gifts!

Hope to see you soon. Lynn and Chris

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