And now the Cortlands and Empire!

Well, the fall apples are really coming in now, despite the summer weather, which we never had in the summer, I might add! The Cortlands are ready to go, crunchy, delicious and amazing to eat or cook. As many of you know, the Cortlands are the best of the fall apples for pies, crisps and, just generally, baking. And, suprising us all, the Empire are also ready. A favourite apple, very crunchy, sweet and tart at the same time, and one of the best eating apples around.

While it has been so hot, many people have still been coming to get their apples and juice. The juice is being made with the fall apples and is delicious. We also have, every weekend, fresh and dried shiitaki mushrooms from my brother’s mushroom farm in Way’s Mills.

So just a quick summary:
Cortlands- great for cooking and eating
Empire- an excellent eating apple
Lobo- very few left-you have to work for them
Dolgo crabs- again not a lot left- but you can find them
Wolf River-an amazing cooking apple-huge-easy to peel, but not a lot of them. People tend to order them so ask when you get to the orchard.

The squash are just coming in. We won’t have huge numbers but they are delicious. Remember, new pottery, so come and have a look.
Hope to see you soon! Lynn and Chris
French translation with follow.

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