The Macs are here!

You always know when the fall season of apples is really in full swing when the Macintosh apples, a perennial favourite, are crunchy, sweet and delicious. There is nothing like a Mac right off the tree. They are not at all like what you get in the supermarket-come and try them out!
Apples to be picked!
Macs-see above!
St. Lawrence-a great pie apple, almost as good as the Dutchess
Paula Red-still some in the orchard, but not a lot
Kerr Crabs- bigger than the Dolgo- make great jelly
Honey Crisp- yes, we do have some honey crisp, but only picked and in the stand. At this point, they are very hard and quite tart. This is an apple that is really better after the first frost. They are more expensive than the other apples.
We are enjoying our ‘Border Buster” cider from Eden Cider. See the picture. A large vat of juice will be heading south soon and more cider will emerge. If you get a chance to go to Newport, stop by at Eden Cider and try their lovely ciders!
We also now have fresh juice at the stand! It is a delicious combination of summer and winter apples- so a little tarter than the full winter juice. Come and try.
New pottery has made its way to the shelves. Beautiful blue, green and cloud glazes. Mugs, garlic jars and berry bowls, not to forget the large mixing, serving bowls. You will be impressed!
The squash are just coming in. They are quite late this year and we are not sure how many we are going to have given the very wet weather this year. Let’s hope!
Hope to see you soon. If you have questions, or comments, please feel free to email us. The French translation will follow.

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