Orchard Update-Sept.1-Sept.8

Another week of wonderful weather and ripening of the apples, and the veggies. We have been lucky in the past two weeks to get a couple of real downpours. Drought has been staved off for the time being and the apples and squash and pumpkins seem to like the heat and the sun!

New this week!

Summer Granny-a green apple, something like the granny smith-big, quite juicy, good for cooking and eating if you are a granny smith fan

On going!

Joyce-an amazing cooking apple-for pies, apple crisps or sauce

Lobos- continue to ripen-getting bigger and redder-delicious eating appleapple foreground

Paula Red- at the peak- if you want some come now, they won’t be around for long. Good for eating and cooking

Crabs- at the end, many have been picked for cider- come now

Sunrise-mostly finished-you could find a few if you looked hard!

Squash is just starting to come in. By next week, we will probably have more than you can imagine! IMG_20160819_111103Veggies are also at their peak, you can pick your own or there is a selected bunch at the kiosk. Don’t forget we have fresh and dried shitake mushrooms, from Ways Mills mushroom farm.IMG_20150726_112619 Once you try them, you will never go back to the store bought ones!

New pottery has arrived at the stand. Some blue milk jugs, salad bowls and berry bowls, come and check them out. Also, perfect for gifts, the Heath Trio! A beautiful little pot, filled with a jar of homemade strawberry jam and a small pack of dried shitakes!IMG_20160819_211928

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