Orchard News! August 25-Sept.2nd

Another week at the orchard, and with record highs continuing, interspersed with rain, the apples are ripening quickly. We are excited for this weekend as on Saturday, August 27th, a number of the vendors from the Ayer’s Cliff farmer’s market will set up their wares here at the orchard. We have been doing this for a number of years as the fair is happening at our usual spot. It is always a lot of fun and many people come out to pick apples, buy organic veggies, and, this week, our apple pies and carrot cake! Drop by the orchard this Saturday, between 10:30 and 12:30 to check it out. IMG_20160820_105002

What apples can you get, you ask?

New this week-the Lobos, the first of the “Big Five”, the well known winter apples is now available.  Right now it is a great eating and cooking apple for pie. People rave about the red apple sauce created by these apples (but that happens later when they are dead ripe -mid-Sept.).

Joyce- continue to be our choice for a cooking apple. They are very big-easier to process- and make an amazing pie or crisp and keep their shape like Duchess and Cortland (it’s a cross between the two). Some people like them to eat- but not a lot!

Paula Red-still available- we have lots-still hard and tart for the most part, although you can find more of them sweeter if you look at this point.

Sunrise- these delicious apples are on their way out, so if you want some, come now. You will find them crunchy and sweet, or soft and sweet, depending on how you pick.

Dolgo Crabs-are plentiful-but won’t be for long, so if you are thinking of making apple jelly, this is the time.IMG_20160819_212100

Also, exciting news, starting this week is our own home made bakery goods. We have carrot cake, made from our carrots in the garden, and apple pie and crumble-made with the Joyce apples. Come and pick up a homemade dessert!

We also have fresh, for a limited amount of time, mushrooms, as well as dried. These are grown in my brother’s mushroom farm in the forest by Ways Mills. Unbelievable delicious!

Remember that we have pottery, for a gift, or just for yourself, jams, honey, maple syrup and veggies- buy in the stand or pick your own! Squash, for all you squash lovers who are wondering, are coming along really well. Not quite there, but soon!IMG_20160819_111103

Hope to see you soon. Lynn and Chris

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