Orchard opening this weekend,Sat., August 6th!

It’s apple time again at the Heath Orchard. After our horrific year of hail last year, it is lovely to be walking in the orchard and seeing beautiful apples. Now having said that, we did, indeed, have hail again a couple of weeks ago. Chris and I watched, in horror, as the wild thunderstorm resulted in hail, however, it was brief and the damage was nothing like last year! Thank goodness! We are certainly seeing the effects but there are still many wonderful apples out there.IMG_20160725_131206IMG_20160725_131313

We are opening this Saturday, August 6th and will be open from here on through the whole harvest time, 7 days a week from 9-5. We were so touched with the support we received last year from our loyal customers that we have decided to make all U-Pick 20% off! So come, visit again, and get a deal!

This week, we are just starting with the summer apples and we will have Yellow Transparent- a great eating and cooking apple- and the Vista Bella-a red apple good for eating and wonderful for apple sauce.

Garden veggies, IMG_20160731_112655jam, jellies, honey, apple cider and, as always, the functional and decorative potterynew pottery 2015Great for gifts, wedding presents or just something for yourself! Chris’ CDs  are available and there is a new recording, a live concert of the complete Rime of the Ancient Mariner, set to song by Chris Rawlings and Paul Lauzon, accompanied by 17 musicians, including some of Quebec’s well known progressive rock instrumentalists. A unique event and recording.

Hoping to see you! Lynn and Chris




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