Blossom Time at the Orchard

Well, hope springs eternal! And we are hoping for a good apple harvest this year. The blossoms have come and gone.


They were spectacular. Although not as plentiful as some year. We expected that as last year was a very prolific blossom season, with lots of apples-unfortunately, as many of you know, almost all the apples were damaged by a freak season with 3 severe hailstorms. This is where the hope, and prayers-to whatever diety or fate you believe in- for a more reasonable season. As we looked at the blossoms,


we could almost see the apples they could become!IMG_20160523_162414 We are seeing a smaller summer apple crop but lots of Mac, Spartans, Empire, Lobo and Cortlands! Keep watching this blog to keep up with what is happening! Always exciting!

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