Orchard is Still Open! October 20th, 2015-English Version

Welcome! Another weird weather event! -7 two nights in a row in mid- October! IMG-20151017-00116IMG-20151017-00118We hear that other orchardists are calling their insurance, but, hey, been there and done that! Chris tested the apples today and they still taste great and will be good for cooking, cider, and iced cider.  The downside of an early freeze is that the apples won’t last as long as they would normally, but, thanks to our three summer hailstorms, our apples weren’t going to last as long as usual anyway. And….all our apples, out in the orchard as well as in the kiosk, are 1/2 price.

There are still Cortlands, Macs, Empires, Spartans. Some Golden Russets can still be found and, if you look hard, a few Honey Crisp. We will be open until the end of October.

The squash and pumpkins are great and we have lots of them. 20151012_143757_resizedsquash   close up 2015

We also have honey, all kinds, jams, maple syrup, fresh Verger Heath apple juice and, for a short time, fresh oyster and shiitaki mushrooms.

Remember that the pottery leaves at the end of October so think now of holiday gifts!20151012_142134_resized

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    1. Hi Carol, Yes we are open u-pick and pre-picked and most of the other goodies (no cheese or bakery). If no one is present at the stand go ahead and pick. If you need assistance, please honk and I will be there in a minute or two. Chris

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