A Tale of Two Orchards-October 14th- English Version

Thanksgiving weekend was truly a tale of two orchards. People came, picked apples and Chris and I heard many comments on the state of the orchard. A friend, picking for the first time this year commented, “I need a glass of scotch to ward off depression-these apples should have been so wonderful-damn hail!” We sympathized, having felt the same thing many times this fall. Another person, on the other hand, came back to the kiosk with some decent apples saying, ” Wow, they aren’t so bad! And such a deal!”  True too. All depends on your expectations, I guess. However, it was a wonderful family time of harvesting at the orchard, 20151011_083102_resizedsquash20151012_143757_resized, pumpkins and apples.

We will be open  until the end of October. Come and see the harvest!  The apples are at their peak, the squash is delicious and the pumpkins, both pie and Hallowe’en, are excellent.

Also, as the pottery will be going on the road at the end of the month- think holiday purchases. Nothing like a lovely mug, or big bowl as a present for a friend, a loved one, or yourself.  New pottery, all glazes to be found at the kiosk.

20151012_141748_resizedHope to see you in these last two weeks!

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