Extended Season- open ’til November!- Sept. 29th Update-English Version

Due to popular demand, we are now going to stay open, on weekends and by drop in and appointments, past Thanksgiving until the end of October. People are finding a myriad of uses for the ugly apples that are to be found at our orchard. Pies, crisps, apples sauce, apple jelly, cider, wine, ….the list goes on and on! Cheap apples serve a purpose!  Remember that all apples, pick your own or bought in the kiosk, are half price.apples in fall2015Available at the orchard this week.

Macintosh– these are at their best and Chris is saying that there are some nice ones, nice being a relative term-still ugly but not toooooo ugly, to be found!

Cortland– large this year, ripening with the sun

Lobos-the really damaged ones have fallen, leaving some quite decent apples

Wealthy and Wolf River – are now in full swing. The Wealthy is a great juicing apple while the Wolf River is excellent for drying, apple sauce and general cooking.

Spartan– just beginning, especially in the back of the dwarf rows

Pumpkins!! Some amazing pumpkins for you to come and pick-great for Thanksgiving decorations, and then to keep for Hallowe’en!

Squash- all kinds, coming in by the bushel load!squash   close up 2015Fresh Apple Juice– our first of this very strange season. Delicious! Come and get it! Available this Saturday.

Also, last but not least, a new batch of pottery, fresh from the kiln. Big bowls, goblets, mugs and super pots. new pottery 2015Hope to see you at the orchard. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know on this site and we will respond asap!

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