Orchard news-Sept. 21st- 2015- English version

We are happy to report that the trend, started by Eden Ice Cider, toward making hard cider with our poor, ugly apples is taking off. We are seeing more and more people coming to the orchard intent on picking the apples in order to make their own hard cider/apple wine! They are all saying how delicious it is, how easy it is to make, but also warn that it can pack quite a punch!

We are also excited as our taste tests and lab tests have given us the confidence to begin making our apple juice, also known as sweet cider but without the alcohol content. We were cautious as the apples are, as mentioned often, more bruised and battered than we have ever seen so we wanted to err on the side of caution and make sure that our juice is as safe and wonderful as it always is. We sent some off to be tested and it came back clear and now we are ready to go. We will have our Heath apple juice by the first weekend in October. Chris has to start madly picking. Anyone who would like to come and help is more than welcome, no pay, but lots of fun and a feeling of accomplishment!

At the orchard this week!

Macintosh are at their height- many, easy to pick, great for the hard cider, cooking and, if you can eat around defects, eating!

Cortlands are just starting. One of the best cooking apples we have, right now hard and tart for eating.Heath Orchard ThanKsgiving

Remember all apples, at the stand and pick your own are at half price! A deal!

Lots of squash- all kinds

squash at farm

Vegetables- carrots, onions, mushrooms, garlic, come and see!

Pottery-some new pots coming down as Chris has made a flying visit to Lynn’s studio in Toronto- come and check it out!

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