Labour Day Weekend- English version

Again, many thanks to all the people who came out last weekend and supported the Ayer’s Cliff Farmer’s Market people at the orchard- and supported us. People are buying the ugly apples and doing all kinds of things with them. They are being juiced into smoothies, into cidre, baked in all kinds of ways, and, for those who are not faint hearted, eaten as they are. The taste is lovely, when you get past the bruises and bumps!

This week at the orchard:

Lobos- just starting, a great cooking and eating apples, the first of the real traditional winter apples

Paula Red- still available- less marked then some of the others

Sunrise- almost finished, but still very juicy and tasty- good for eating and cooking

Duchess- almost finished, the best cooking apple around

Remember all apples are half price, in the kiosk or pick your own

Squash is just beginning.

squash at farm

All of the vegetables are at their best-beets, carrots, tomatoes(field grown), cucumbers(lots and lots of them- a great deal!), zukes, ….

Log grown shitaki mushrooms are also available- dry and fresh. Also you can get your own log and grow your own!

And don’t forget Pottery! Great for wedding gifts, birthdays, or just for yourself.

You can also pick up one of Chris’ CDs (or download his songs on itunes or http://www.chrisrawlings.ca).  It all helps keeping the farm going.


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