Orchard News-Ayer’s Cliff Market at the Orchard- August 25th- English Version

Many thanks to all our loyal customers who came last weekend. People commiserated about the ugly apples, but bought them anyway, to cook and to eat. They are seriously ugly, but they taste good, cook up well and are a great deal.

Everything is half price- the ones you pick yourself and the ones you get at the stand.

This weekend some of the Ayer’s Cliff Market people will be here as the Ayer’s Cliff Fair has taken over our usual booths. Come visit Tony Scott, Camille Roberge and others, as well as seeing the orchard, the really ugly apples, the beautiful pottery, honey, maple syrup, mushrooms, and a variety of vegetables.IMG_20150714_170007IMG_20150825_131810

We will continue to have Sunrise, Melba, Duchess, Crab Apples and, just starting, the Paula Red apples. We are hoping to have some squash for sale at the kiosk.

Hope to see you!  Lynn and Chris

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