Orchard News- July 28th, 2015-English version

Well, we are recovering from the intense hail storm that hit us earlier this month. It is amazing to see how the squash and pumpkin plants have sent up new growth to compensate for the leaves slashed by the hail. The apples are having more difficulty, but, hey, it will be a season of a HAIL SALE.  Amazing bargains will be happening here at Heath Orchard.  When given hail, we will make cider, apple sauce, pies, crisps and, the more hardy of us, will just cut off the hail dents and eat the delicious, if imperfect, fruit!

Summer apples will be coming soon. Vista Bellas, Melba, Yellow Transparents, Duchess should be available on our opening weekend of August 7/8/9. More updates on that as the date gets closer.

We will also have  some wonderful mushrooms, grown by my brother, Daniel Heath and sister-in- law, Julie Smit, with lots of help from their kids, Vicki and Chris. IMG_20150726_112619

We also continue to have beautiful and functional pottery, call to be sure we are here to come and see it now. Great for wedding presents!IMG_20150714_170007

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